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Amazon Finds

Since the pandemic, like most people, I have turned to Amazon to get things delivered quickly to my doorstep conveniently. I have slowed down on the takeout food and grocery deliveries, but Amazon still has me hooked. Scrolling my purchases this last month, here were my favorite purchases.

  1. Scotchgard Sun and Water Shield, Repellant Spray. I have a lot of outdoor cushions. I try to remember to take care of them. However, after chasing kiddos around the pool (they multiply quickly at my house), making sure wet towels aren't left on the carpet, and creating a meal for everyone, including the vegetarian daughter, my best intentions don't always pan out. This spray helps extend cushion life.

  2. Jayscreate Women's Shrug Cardigan Sweater. This cute sweater is perfect for chilly summer air conditioning. What I love about it is you can wear it two ways, long or flip it over, and it's a short sweater. I took this on my recent European vaca with the BF. Between him and the sweater, it was a cozy plane ride.

  3. Signature Solar Garden Lights. My front walk needed some light. These were the second set I ordered from Amazon, and they work perfectly and are durable because I keep knocking them over with the hose. The simple, contemporary design goes with any house style. These come in 8 packs which are nice because most of the light packs were six, and I needed a few more.

  4. Novogratz Beverage Cart. I started putting this together, and my neighbor and BF jumped to help. It was not an easy assembly, but it looks fantastic on my patio and is very functional since this is my favorite spot to have coffee and entertain. If you don't have people who like to assemble furniture in your life, you need to find some of these quickly; they are essential.

  5. Christopher Knight Chairs for outdoor dining. Stylish, affordable, easy to assemble, and clean. So far seem durable.

  6. Balloon Garland Arch Kit. I ordered this for my daughter's graduation party. It's beautiful décor for about $20. I heard the assembly process was time-consuming. Unfortunately or not, I was out running last-minute errands when the garland was being assembled. Yes, I have amazing people who jump all in to help. I recommend ordering a balloon pump or two to make the process faster and avoid being lightheaded. The result for the price was impressive.

As I am posting this the Amazon truck is driving away from my house. Wonder what fantastic product I ordered and which friends I should invite over. 😏 Let me know if you have fabulous Amazon finds. It's like looking in someone's Costco cart to see what goodies they found in that massive warehouse.


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