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Dating adventures...

You all like to read about my dating life. Those are the highest-read blog posts. I think it’s ironic because post-divorce, a few years now and steadily dating a man for roughly the last year, I don’t know if I have dating perfected or if I am dating at all. We’ll call said man Mr. Wonderful for this story. They are all wonderful until they are not, right? Sorry post-divorce cynicism creeps in once and a while.

One of our first disagreements was over a statement Mr. Wonderful had made to me one night while out to dinner. He said he was comfortable with me. Not passionate words every woman dreams of hearing. He was confused why I didn’t take this as a high compliment, and we left the discussion to agree to disagree. Only to continue to have many conversations about it at later dates. To him, this was better than I love you, which were words already spoken at this point. Being comfortable meant we were beyond first dating and getting to know each other. I’m comfortable sharing parts of my life with you I don’t share with others. So yes, these are sweet words you should want to hear and understand. Now, we often joke about how comfortable we are with each other.

More recently, Mr. Wonderful commented that dating is awful. I gave him my puzzled and annoyed look, which I’m sure he noticed immediately. I think I replied with something like it’s not too bad. After all, I thought we were having a fantastic time dating. But once again, my interpretation was off. His explanation was we’re not dating. We’re beyond dating. I still have to figure out what that means. Dating to not dating, but we are dating, all confusing.

As you can tell, I could be a hot mess at dating or a super pro. The jury is still out. I have learned it is magical to be comfortable with someone, dating is exciting and fantastic, especially with Mr. Wonderful, and communication to understand the intention is essential. I will have to get back to you on what beyond dating means. We have different cultural backgrounds, which makes communication an adventure. If you’re reading my blog, you know I love adventures.


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