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To Seltzer or Not

What is up with the recent seltzer craze? I just don’t understand it. I get that they are an easy, low-calorie summer adult beverage option, but most of them taste artificial to me. I don’t get a lot of time to enjoy an adult beverage; that’s single-parent life, and when I do, I don’t care about the calories as much. I want it to be delicious and enjoyable. Once you turn 40, drinking alcohol should be more for the experience and flavors and not how many you can pound down with the least number of calories. Not to mention a hangover at this age lasts days, no thank you! This is why I would instead enjoy a good bourbon or a glass of red wine that has depth and layers of flavors. That is until I was recently introduced to Florida Seltzer by Untitled Art.

When I was first offered a Florida Seltzer, I said, “No thanks, I’m not into seltzers.” I was told this wasn’t like other seltzers, so I reluctantly tried it. I was shocked that I loved the burst of flavor from the Navel Orange Yuzu flavor. No artificial taste at all! I turned over the can and looked at the ingredients, simple shortlist, and everything I knew and nothing artificial. Again, I don’t worry about the calories because I just don’t drink enough for them to have a significant impact; however, all the Florida Seltzers are 115-120 calories and only 3 -8 grams of sugar per 12 oz. That’s a bonus! So far, the Black Cherry is my favorite. So yummy!


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