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My travel essentials

I love to travel and explore, but I also like to be comfortable. Here are a few simple essentials that make my trips easier.

TripIt App This is a free app with the option to purchase a more advanced version. The basic one works for me. TripIt organizes your entire trip itinerary in one spot. It’s as easy as forwarding your travel emails to, and the details import and organize themselves. I also love that you can share trip itineraries with others if they have the app or make them an organizer to add to plans. All your flight times, numbers, activities, hotels, dinner reservations, etc., are all in one place. It also will flag you if you have any conflicting times.

Brita Filtered Water Bottle I got these for the kiddos and myself before our Yellow Stone trip last year, and they have become travel staples for us. No matter where you travel, the filter makes the water taste good. You must buy replacement filters based on your usage, which beats paying for water at the airport or on your trip. My college daughter used this religiously during her first year in the dorms.

Packing Cubes I received these as a holiday gift and loved them! Not only do they save me room in my suitcase, but they also keep me organized. No more digging through heaps of clothes while traveling, and I place the cubes in the hotel dresser instead of my clothes direct. You bought too many goodies while on vaca, and you’re afraid your suitcase will be overweight? No problem, pull out a few cubes and put them in your carry-on.

Leak Proof Clear Travel Bags I am one of those that need my toiletries even while away. These bags are large enough to hold it all, and being see-through, you don’t need to unpack it all. I store my travel products in the bag under my bathroom sink at home so I can grab the bag and go when it’s time to pack.

Handheld Portable Steamer Of course, everything is wrinkled after being packed in your suitcase, and setting up a hotel iron is a pain. This small device works like a full-size steamer and heats up within seconds.

Fjallraven Kanken No. 2 Backpack On a recent trip, I opted for a different bag and regretted it. This compact backpack is stylish and easily fits under the airplane seat. I have had mine for a couple of years, and it is still pristine. I am impressed with the wear and tear factor on this bag.

Lululemon Everywhere Belt Bag I have tried other belt bags, and this one is my favorite because of the size, adjustable, comfortable strap, and multiple pockets to keep it organized. I leave the fancy bags at home and bring this and my backpack.

Comfy/Stylish Shoes I usually wear cute tennis shoes on the plane because I don’t particularly appreciate having cold feet while flying, it saves space in my suitcase, and the boyfriend walks super-fast, especially in airports. Are there airport awards for the fastest walker? He would surely win. Here are links to a few of my favorite pair of travel shoes.

Hat I like this simple black Nike hat. Cute and goes with everything. It’s nice to put in your carry-on for long flights to cover up the sleepy airplane head when walking off the plane.

Cute Tote Bag Tote bags fold small and are easy to pack. Instant beach, shopping, or carry more stuff bag. And again, if you buy too much on vaca, you can usually fill the tote bag and carry it on. I like the basic Feed totes because you get a good product and help end childhood hunger.


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