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Mother/Daughter Beauty Tips for Brows and Lashes

I am not a teenager, nor do I wish I were one ever again. I don't have a desire to keep up with teen fashion and trends; however, on a recent trip, my teenage daughter shared some valuable makeup tips I find helpful. Here are some to enhance your eyes at any age.

I was introduced to eyebrow gel. My daughter has fantastic eyebrows, as do most women in my family. Having full brows is a blessing if you know how to shape and control them. Apply the gel in an upward sweeping motion over all of your brows. My daughter uses a tinted gel by Tarte. I found the tint didn't look as natural on my brows, especially for everyday wear. Instead, I use NYX Control Freak in clear. You want to use this sparingly. Otherwise, it will dry flaking and make your brows feel crunchy.

I was purchasing higher-end mascara and was never really happy with the results. My daughter uses drug store mascara and layers two different ones, which creates a more defined look in her lashes. I found this trick works better than using one of the high-end mascaras. At my daughter's suggestion, I tried Maybelline's Lash Sensational, applying it at my lashes' base and sweeping up to the tips. After giving that a minute to dry, apply Maybelline's waterproof Sky High to just the ends. I certainly don't do this every day, but I love the look it creates. Eyelashes get clumpy. Use a disposable eyelash brush to smooth and separate them. I now keep a stash of these in my bathroom.


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