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Fantastic summer home finds

I love the beautiful Michigan summers where we actually get to see the sunshine for a few months. Here are some products I have found to help me maximize my summer joy.

Magnetic Vent Covers It seems my lower level is freezing in the summer while the main floor is warmer. I got a quote for about $3,000 to close off some of the lower-level vents and balance the airflow better. Instead, I found these covers on Amazon and strategically covered vents in the lower level until I achieved the correct balance.

The Original Magnetic Screen Door I added this, or instead, I watched the boyfriend do a fabulously easy-looking install to my back patio door. This allows me to go in and out hands-free while grilling and my three dogs to also come and go with the screens automatically shut behind them to keep bugs out. It’s also convenient because this door is beside my desk, and whenever I am working on something like writing blog pieces, the dogs constantly want me to let them in and out. No more!

Lintem Smart Outdoor String Lights The Saturday night before Mother’s Day in May, my boyfriend and I were casually enjoying the evening, and I said it has always been a dream of mine to install string lights over the deck. Immediately, a measuring tape came out, and lights were delivered and installed the next day! The ability to control these from your phone is nice but even better, they work with Alexa, and mine are on a timer to come on and off each night. Pro-tip, make sure you have a WIFI signal where you want them installed. We had to buy a WIFI booster. Now every night, I enjoy these gorgeous lights; I think dreams do come true!

OC Orange Casual 3 Piece Bistro Patio Set I have had this two-chair and small table set for about a year now, and it still looks new. This set has made a cozy nook on my deck to drink coffee, read or enjoy drinks and conversation while grilling. The fun, bright blue and gray cushion color combo adds an eclectic look to my outdoor space. I just noticed that the set is on sale! So jealous.

Thermacell Patio Shield Mosquito Repeller I have tried several mosquito repellents over the years, and this one works! Enough said.

MASTERCANOPY Patio Umbrella I have two of these nine-foot waterproof umbrellas in the light gray option. I like the sophisticated, sleek look and the pretty LED solar lights. The tilt feature is nice to keep the sun off you. The umbrella comes in a few sizes and about a dozen color options.

Best Choice Products Fire Pit Table Another product that is on sale right now! I needed a slim firepit option allowing me space to put drinks. This adorable fire table packs a lot of heat with different fire-level options. It comes with glass stones, you need a propane tank, and you will be set for cozy nights. Assembly was easy, though I will admit the boyfriend once again did this one.


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