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Must have boots

What boots are in my closet? Here are a few of my go-to pairs for muddy sporting events, picking up kiddos, and nights out.

London Fog Piccadilly Rain Boot comes in various fun colors and designs. I have a pair of black with a patch of fun stripes. These are easy to slip on with fun socks and are perfect to wear to muddy spring soccer or lacrosse games.

Ugg Classic Mini II is a classic, comfortable style. I love to slip these on to run errands or pick up the kiddos. I them in grey because it goes with everything. Treat them with water repellent before wearing them to make them last longer.

Sorel Out N About III Conquest Boot is cute and comfortable enough to wear all day. In addition, these boots are waterproof and warm, and when I am writing this, they are 40% off at the Sorel website!!!

Steve Madden Over the Knee Boot can be casual or dressy. You can slouch them for fun or wear them over your knee for a sexier look. It pairs well with jeans or a dress/skirt—super fun, must-have staple.

Tom's Kallie Boot comes in various patterns and colors, like cow, cheetah, and leopard. I have them in black, but I may have to get another one now. These are comfortable, easy-to-wear boots. I usually wear these with booty socks and a pair of jeans.


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