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My daily intention

My days seem to go so quickly. There are always things that need to get done and items added to the list constantly throughout the day. Then, finally, when I get to the end of the day, and even though I may have accomplished a dozen tasks, I feel like I haven't accomplished what I wanted to in the day. I am taking care of and supporting three other humans, two of which are teenagers, so everything they need seems to be a last-minute emergency. As a result, my needs and wants are often shelved on the priority list.

My happiness and well-being are essential to me, and I know that meeting them makes me a better person and parent to my kiddos. I also love problem-solving and looking at different approaches when something's not working. As I've written before, when the days get hectic, I often turn to meditation to help regain my focus. Meditation does help, but I needed something more.

Something new I found was writing down my intention for the day every morning before the kids wake up helps prioritize my day. I am not talking about making a to-do list. This intention is more of how I want to approach the entire day.

I get out of bed, get my coffee, sit down in my quiet living room, open my journal and write my intention, along with some things I can do to make that intention a reality. I also write a short gratitude list to put me in a positive mind frame to start my day. Then, I usually have a few minutes to meditate before the first kid wakes up and my to-do list starts growing for the day.

Writing down my intentions and gratitude list only takes me a couple of minutes. I find that I remember what my intention was and make that a priority throughout my day. Then, when I end my day, there is a feeling of satisfaction that I am in control and accomplished what I set out to, of course, with all the other tasks that needed to get done. Those don't disappear; I have a primary focus to ground me for the day. So I challenge you to try it for a week and see how it feels.


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