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New season, new goals

Today is the first day of Fall, which happens to be my favorite season. Who doesn't love cozy weather for sweaters, lots of cuddling, sitting by the fire, and cute boots? It also reminds me to set goals. People often reflect on resolutions at the New Year. However, I find it easier to make them by season.

In doing them in 3-4 month increments throughout the year, I find I make the goals more obtainable, and they stay fresher in my mind. I make the following list:


Personal – something just for me




Now go back and fill in something for each of these categories. You can adjust the categories to fit your life. The more specific I make them, the more likely I am to follow through. You may need a second pass-through to make them more precise. For example, beside Community, I first wrote reach out to be available for more friends. Then, I revised it to make once-a-month one-on-one dates with a friend, like coffee, walking or dinner, etc.

I intentionally make at least one easy-to-achieve goal.

For example, for the Household this season, I put clean the storage room. I know this will get done; otherwise, I will not be able to have my furnace serviced next week (the appointment is already on the calendar) or get to my Christmas décor in November. It's not that messy, and it will feel great to cross that off my list. Yes, I mentioned Christmas on the first day of Fall in September. I know you either love me or hate me now.

If, for some reason, you don't make your Fall goals happen, give yourself grace. Life is busy. The next season will be here in a few months, and you can start again. That's what seasons are all about.

Happy Fall!

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