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Winter Skincare - Help Needed!

My skin typically runs on the drier side. So every year, when the temperature drops, I’m left scrambling to adjust my skincare routine and find products that work to keep my skin hydrated. Here are some easy-to-find products I am currently finding helpful.

I have switched to this lightweight, non-drying cleanser in the late Fall for a couple years now. I can’t find anything else that works better for removing makeup without drying my face out. However, the application is a bit different. It is a solid balm that you gently rub on dry skin and rinse off. It feels silky, like it adds moisture instead of depleting it.

I know the name says daily, but I use this two-step process about twice a week to exfoliate. I love how the packaging of this product makes it easy to use. They are packets in a box that are labeled 1 and 2. Inside them are wipes. You open the side labeled one, wipe it on your face and neck area and let it dry before doing the same with the side labeled 2. One says it exfoliates and smooths, while the wipe marked 2 says it’s an Anit-Aging Neutralizer. I discovered this product when I walked into Sephora, looked at a sales associate, and said, “my skin needs help!” She walked me right to this product. It is a bit pricey. Currently, at Sephora, you can get 5 treatments for $17 or 35 treatments for $88. Bonus for buying at Sephora they will refund you if you are dissatisfied with the product.

After washing my face, I spritz Thayers on my fresh skin to tone and moisture. This alcohol, Paraben, Phthalate-free formula helps add a glow to my skin. Then, I wait for it to dry before adding anything else to my skin. You can buy an 8 oz spray bottle of Thayers at Target for about $11.

I added this to my skincare routine just about a month ago. It gets rave reviews on Amazon and is affordable, so I thought, why not. I have usually used argan oil in the past. I didn’t love this product at first. It feels like it sits on your skin, and it’s a bit heavy. It just took some getting used to. However, it does eventual soak into your skin. I only apply this in small amounts to the driest areas every morning and night. I have noticed a difference in those areas. They are smoother with fewer fine lines. You can order this CeraVe product for about $18.50 on Amazon.

I will add this once in a while to arid areas. If I am running outside in the winter or skiing, I put this on my nose, cheeks, and lips to protect them from the harsh winter elements. It’s also suitable for really dry hands. This is a staple in our house in the winter. You can purchase it pretty much anywhere for about $10 for 7 ounces.

I use this once or twice throughout the day to add moisture. I spray it either on bare skin or over makeup whenever my skin feels parched.

I put this balm on every night and sometimes during the day if my lips feel extra dry. Some chapsticks/lip balms feel like they dry out my lips. Glossier is super moisturizing for hours. It comes in many fun flavors, scents, and tints. My favorite is their birthday balm. A .5 ounce tube has lasted me almost a year.

Something I didn’t touch on is an all-over moisturizer. I do like IT Cosmetics Confidence in Cream Hydrating Moisturizer and eye cream. Those products work great for me in the non-winter months. However, lately, I have been trying LA MER, which a lot of celebrities swear by. I ordered a sample set of LA MER products from Nordstrom. The only thing I have been impressed with within the sample set is the moisturizing cream. It does give me a dewy glow and makes my skin feel overall good and moisturized. However, it is very pricey, and I don’t love the perfumery smell. I am surprised how little of this product you have to use, so a container will last a while.


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