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Find Your Soul Friend

Everyone should find their soul friend, not soul mate, but soul friend. I am lucky enough to have a number of friends that support and love me. However, my soul-friend believes I have superpowers even when I am not sure of myself. There is no judgment with your soul friend, just unconditional love mixed with calling each other out when we need a dose of reality.

The key is being comfortable enough to be completely raw and vulnerable with each other. It is never a competition. We know we both have our own strengths and weaknesses and push each other to be the best version of ourselves. We openly ask each other to be held accountable. We may say I need help remembering to meditate this week or how to have that tough conversation with a coworker/family member.

Go find your soul friend, and life is so much brighter! Try being a little vulnerable and see how it is accepted and reacted to. If that person doesn’t totally support you, they can still be a good friend, but they are not your soul friend.

I know we are all busy, so how do you make time to find and connect with your soul friend? It does take effort, but well worth it. Here are some ideas.

  • Talk to each other on a commute. My soul friend has about an hour commute and will often call me on the way home from work. We text ahead of time to see if this is possible.

  • Stay connected by sharing healthy life practices. We encourage each other to meditate, share fitness goals and hold each other accountable, read life improvement books/articles together and discuss them to see how to apply them to our lives.

  • We have a ritual once a week to meet at a favorite local café and journal together. We were good about this pre-pandemic and are now getting back to making it a priority. We journal about our gratitude, life goals, and steps to accomplish those goals. We read each other’s journals and have an open, honest conversation. She might see a better path to what I want to accomplish or see things I could improve.

  • We do collaborative activities with both of our families. I think it’s essential for your soul friend to be invested and involved with your life. Once you travel together, you really know if you are compatible with being soul friends.

You don’t have to share all the same interests as your soul friend. The purpose isn’t to find someone exactly like you. It’s to find someone that won’t judge you, call you out on your bull shit, and push you to be your best person. So, go find that person that makes your soul feel good and encourages each other to dream big, no limits!


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