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Single Parent Road Tripping

I think every child should experience a road trip. So, my three kids and I packed the car and traveled from Michigan to South Carolina. I know the thought of spending hours in the car with your children can induce anxiety and maybe even full-on panic attacks. Take it from this single mom, state of mind and positive thoughts are key here. You really have to psych yourself up and remind yourself that this will be the most amazing trip.

In day-to-day life, our family is often moving in different directions. The experience of having the kids all to myself to talk, sing, and laugh was nothing short of magical. My children are ages 8, 14, and 17; if yours are a lot younger, you may not be ready yet. There were times when we had just stopped for a pee break, and 20 minutes later, of course, someone has to pee. Not all bladders are created equal. When sibling squabbles occurred, which were expected, the Broadway tunes came on and everyone would stop and start signing. Hearing my 8-year-old son belt out “You’ll be Back” from Hamilton, trying his best to match the king’s English accent, still cracks me up.

I was most amazed by the kids’ interest in the new sights and environments outside their windows. I had expected them to be glued to their tablets and phones. We fell in love with driving through the mountains and feeling so small in our car against the beautiful landscape. We made a couple stops along our way to the South Carolina shore, where we stayed the remainder of the week and visited with good friends, and a couple on the way back. By the time we arrived in our beloved Michigan driveway, we were ready to be home. We made great memories as a family; my oldest learned driving through the mountains isn’t her cup of tea, and I felt a huge accomplishment as a parent. If I could successfully survive a road trip alone with three kids, I can do anything! Bring it!


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