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Strong women, we need them

With the passing of a beloved aunt who was the most resilient person I have ever met, I can reflect and be grateful for all the strong women I grew up with and those I have met throughout the years. These women have shaped me. In some cases, I couldn’t fully grasp and understand their strength until I was an adult. The older we are, the more we know how difficult and gritty life can get. To thrive in life, it is essential to have strong women in your life.

The women who inspire me have their life trauma and experiences but still lift others and find joy and celebration. If they have a problem, they don’t dwell in self-pity. Most of them have picked themselves up countless times in unimaginable conditions.

The strongest women I know love and care unconditionally. They don’t expect something in return. They offer empathy and understanding when you have a meltdown or don’t have as much grace in handling situations as you would like to. Yet, they do not judge; they are safe.

I have been asked several times how I am mentally tough and can see the good in bad situations. I have been through circumstances that feel overwhelming. What keeps me going? I have strong women as role models and influencers in my life. It’s me knowing I want the same for my daughter. These women have shown me that true strength is resilience and supporting others.

This is what I have learned. Grab the strong women in your life, hold on to them tight, and know their importance and influence on you. Better yet, be one of those women.


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