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Welcome to R&W

Ribbons & Wine originated from two friends up late one night tying a bunch of ribbons for an upcoming wedding, and yes, of course drinking wine. While we worked and laughed our heads off in pure joy of being together and talking about life, we kept coming back to a shared desire to start a platform that’s inspiring, fun, and provides helpful, empowering information. It hit us at the same time; what we were doing right at that moment truly reflected the journey women go through from childhood to womanhood, and taking on all the world hurls at us, thus the name Ribbons & Wine.

Shortly after this epiphany, the world was hit with a pandemic. Ribbons & Wine took a backseat to home schooling, emotionally supporting our loved ones, and dealing with newfound uncertainty. We might have also binge watched some shows and renovated a house.

As we find ourselves returning to a more “normal” life, I am thrilled that my good friend, Natalie and her business, Parkway Interiors, are busier and more successful than ever. The dream of Ribbons & Wine is certainly still alive. With Natalie supporting me all the way, I am excited to transform Ribbons & Wine into a blog full of helpful, ever-evolving content to share with you. Since I am lucky enough to have a bestie that is also a talented interior designer, Natalie will definitely be popping up in some of my blog posts from time to time. I can’t wait to share some of our COVID house renovations with you, so stay tuned!

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