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Confidently Raise Teen Daughters

I have already posted about relating to your teenage son, but as you know, I also have a teen daughter. Mother-daughter relationships can be complicated. I want better for her. I want her to be stronger, more confident, and able to go fiercely, unapologetic into the world to accomplish all her dreams and goals. The closest I have come to an instruction manual for teenage girls is Lisa Damour’s book Untangled.

From Damour’s book, I have learned how to reasonably set boundaries and have tough conversations that my daughter understands and respects. All the essential topics are covered, including the infamous eye roll and how to handle it, romantic relationships, mental health, and transitioning her safely to college.

Damour’s wisdom and expertise have helped me build a solid foundation with my daughter that will last a lifetime. This would be a dream author I would love to have lunch with and ask so many questions. I can’t get enough of her advice and expertise. I would bring my book with all its highlights and handwritten notes. This is an excellent read for both moms and dads.


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