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Scents for your home

My home is a zoo somedays with three dogs, three kids, and one covid cat, but I don’t want it to smell like one. So here are the top products I have found for keeping your home’s scent fresh. Breath and enjoy!

  1. Febreze Fabric Spray I like the seasonal scents they bring out. There was a cranberry one for the holidays, a Lilac one for spring, and an ocean for summer. At least once a week, I spray this on all my upholstery and rugs.

  2. Pura Diffuser This is a plug-in smart diffuser that you can control the intensity of through an app on your phone. It holds up to two different scents at a time, and you can switch between which one fits your mood. They also offer designer scents from NEST New York, Kenneth Cole, and Disney, to name a few. Plus, Pura makes a great gift.

  3. Opalhouse Reed Diffuser Available at Target, this affordable scent enhancer comes in many varieties. My favorite is the Driftwood & Sea Salt.

  4. Air Wick Essential Mist Aromatherapy I put this in the room where the dogs hang out the most. This sleek-looking black diffuser is cordless and runs off batteries. It has three different intensity levels for you to choose from and automictically sprays based on what preference you set.

  5. Murphy’s Oil Soap Wood Cleaner Because I have so many pets and kids, I have hardwood floors throughout my main floor. I love the scent of Murphy's. I think it’s because my mom used this growing up. It smells like childhood and does a great job. Bonus it also gets dirt and grass stains out of baseball pants.

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Thank you for the tip on getting stains out of baseball pants! I’ve been meaning to ask about that, as you’re a seasoned Baseball mom, and I figured that you knew something I didn’t about keeping those white pants white!!


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