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To My Second Born

I have a problem with the way people refer to middle children as if they are forgotten or left out. It may be funny to joke about middle children, but as a parent of three, I want all my children to know they are seen, heard, and loved.

It does just so happen that my second-born has an easy-going, go-with-the-flow personality. I can relate to him because I feel I also have a very accommodating, laid-back personality. This is why my grandfather's nickname for me was noisy because compared to my three other siblings, I barely spoke.

I am the second born in my family. Not sure if this is middle child status or not. I think it's just more personality makeup. I don't want my child to be defined as the middle child. Instead, this is what I want him to know.

  • You are just as loved and wanted as your siblings.

  • Your voice matters. Speak up.

  • Don't ever stop believing people are mostly good.

  • Your easy-going, peacemaking nature allows you to be a great problem solver, which is a superpower to be proud of.

  • Being born in-between your other siblings, you probably know more about what's happening in this family than anyone else. Both your siblings talk to you.

  • You have learned you don't have to be the loudest in the room and how to observe people's behavior before reacting.

  • You're the one in any situation that can be counted as level-headed and helpful.

  • I love that you love surprises and the twinkle you get in your eyes when you genuinely enjoy life. Yes, I notice that and I always see you.


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